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- Breakfast Menu -

8 -11:30 am

Thick Sliced Toast (V) white or wholemeal with honey (GF)
Marmalade, strawberry jam or vegemite
1 slice $3.50
2 slices $5.50
Gluten Free Option
1 slice $4.00
2 slices $6.00
Tiger Toast (V) 
1 slice of thick white or wholemeal toast spread with vegemite & melted tasty cheese
Cinnamon Raisin Toast (V) thick sliced with butter
Marmalade or strawberry jam or vegemite
1 slice $4.00
2 slices $6.00
Breakfast Muesli Cup (GF) 
Toasted muesli layered w- creamy yoghurt & our sweet berry compote
Smoked Salmon Bruschetta (DF) 
On toasted sourdough w- smashed avocado, capers & lemon
Pancakes w- Maple (V) 
A 2 pancake stack, topped with foamed cream & drizzled w- maple syrup
Pancakes w- Berries (V) 
A 2 pancake stack, topped w- our mixed berry compote & creamy yoghurt
Toasted Ham & Cheese Sandwich 
white or wholemeal bread toasted with shaved leg ham, tomato & tasty cheese
(GF) $8.50
Toasted BLAT 
2 thick slices of white or wholemeal bread toasted with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, tasty cheese & our famous Caesar dressing
(GF) $12.50
Zucchini & Corn Fritters (GF) (V) 
Our house made zucchini and corn fritters w- wild rocket & the chefs own tomato relish
Egg & Bacon Focaccia 
Toasted Italian focaccia filled with bacon, 2 fried free range eggs, tasty cheese & Sorrentos BBQ glaze
Eggs Your Way –add your choice of extras 
2 free range eggs poached, scrambled or fried served on 1 slice of thick white or wholemeal toast
(GF) $10.00
Eggs Benedict 
2 poached free range eggs served on toasted focaccia with shaved leg ham
& hollandaise sauce
(GF) 15.50
Eggs Royale  
2 poached free range eggs served on toasted focaccia w- smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce
(GF) $19.50
Cheese Omelette 
Fluffy cheese omelette served with 1 slice of white or wholemeal toast
(GF) 13.50
Spanish Omelette   
Fluffy cheese omelette loaded with chorizo, tomato & mushroom
Served w- 1 slice of white or wholemeal toast
(GF) $16.00
Pulled Pork Open Focaccia 
Toasted focaccia topped w- wild rocket, pulled pork, 1 fried egg, hollandaise & our BBQ glaze
The Lot 
Your choice of 2 poached, scrambled or fried free range eggs with 2 Italian sausages, bacon, confit mushrooms, slow roasted tomato and hash browns
Served with 1 slice of white or wholemeal toast


Italian Sausages (2) (GF) 
Bacon (2 rashes) (GF) (DF) 
Grilled Chorizo (GF) 
Hash Browns (V) (DF) 
Shaved Leg Ham (GF) (DF) 
Smoked Salmon (GF) (DF) 
Pulled Pork 
Slow Roasted Tomato (GF) (DF) (V) 
Confit Mushrooms (GF) (DF) (V) 
Fresh Baby Spinach (GF) (DF) (V) 
Wild Rocket (GF) (DF) (V)  
1 Free Range Egg Poached or Fried
Fresh Avocado  
Hollandaise Sauce (GF) (V)
Tomato Relish (GF) (DF) (V)  
BBQ Glaze (V) (DF)
Caesar Dressing (GF) (DF) (V)  
Tomato Sauce (GF) (DF)(V)
Honey (GF )(V)   
Jam, Marmalade or Vegemite (V)
15% Surcharge Applies on Public Holiday

Breads & Starters

Garlic & Parmesan Bread 
On sourdough
Garlic Flatbread (DF) 
W- Garlic, rosemary & sea salt
S $9.50 L $13.50 GF $14.50
Margherita Flat Bread 
W- Nap sauce, oregano & mozzarella
S $9.90 L $13.90 GF $14.90
Smoked Salmon Bruschetta (DF) 
On toasted sourdough w- smashed avocado, capers & lemon
Hummus Dip
Served w- toasted Turkish bread
Grazing Plank 
W- Chorizo, olives, semi-drieds, artichokes, prosciutto, smoked salmon, pepperoni, pickled cucumber, feta & our flatbread
Soup of the Day 
See specials boards
Arancini balls 
The chef’s herb & parmesan risotto balls with pepperoni & our sundried tomato dipping sauce
Sorrentos Beef Bites 
Prime aged beef medallions, chargrilled to medium, on a garlic crouton with our creamy Dijon mustard butter
Salt & Pepper Squid  
Served with a rocket, pear & parmesan salad w- our lime mayo
Tandoori Chicken (GF) 
Chicken tenderloins marinated in our mild tandoori spice, chargrilled & served with, tzatziki
Garlic Prawns (GF)  
Pan seared & served in a creamy garlic sauce
- add fries $4.00
- add a garden salad (GF) $4.00
- add onion rings $4.00

Sandwich Shop

Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toastie 
(GF) $8.50
Chicken, Cheese & Avocado Toastie  
(GF) $12.90
Chicken Club Focaccia 
Chicken, prosciutto, cheese, lettuce & Caesar dressing
BBQ Steak Focaccia 
Steak, bacon, tomato, onion, lettuce cheese & BBQ sauce
Vegetarian Panini (V) 
Zucchini, semi-drieds, mushroom, capsicum, spinach, olives, feta & pesto
GF in a toastie $12.90
- add fries $4.00
- add a garden salad (GF) $4.00
- add onion rings - $4.00

All Day Breakfast

Egg and bacon focaccia 
Eggs bacon, cheese & BBQ sauce
Spanish Omelette (GF) 
Loaded with chorizo, tomato, mushroom & cheese


Quinoa salad (GF) (DF) (V) 
Baby spinach, zucchini, semi-drieds, Spanish onion, olives
& quinoa in a light lemon dressing
Greek Salad (GF) (V) 
Salad greens, cucumber, semi-drieds, olives, roasted
Capsicum, Spanish onion & feta w- our balsamic vinaigrette
Sorrentos Caesar Salad 
Cos lettuce, prosciutto, parmesan, anchovies & country style croutons, with a warm poached egg & our Caesar dressing
Pear & Prosciutto Salad (GF) 
Rocket, pear, prosciutto, feta, toasted almonds & lemon dressing
-add chicken (GF) $5.00
-add chorizo (GF) $4.00
-add smoked salmon (GF) $5.00

Pasta & Risotto

Your choice of Penne, Fettuccini, Gluten Free Pasta or as a “Risotto finished W- Parmesan”

Tuscan Chicken 
W-chicken, onion, tomato, baby spinach & pine nuts in a rose sauce
Creamy Pesto Chicken 
W- Spanish onion, semi-drieds, baby spinach in a creamy pesto sauce
Prawn & Chorizo  
W- Zucchini & baby spinach in a rose sauce
W- Olives, zucchini, semi-drieds, capsicum, mushroom & baby spinach in a nap sauce
Chicken & Mushroom 
W- Porcini mushroom, onion & baby spinach, finished in
The chef’s chicken stock w- Feta cheese
Lamb & Olive 
Marinated lamb, zucchini, olives & broccoli in a mild chilli nap sauce
Penne Bolognese (DF)  
In a lean beef Bolognese sauce


Fish & Chips 
Crispy battered fish served on a garden salad with chunky fries, lemon and the chef’s own tartare
Chicken Parmy 
Chicken schnitzel topped w- nap sauce, ham & mozzarella, served w- chips & garden salad
Wagyu Beef Burger 
Chargrilled w- smokey bacon, lettuce, tasty cheese & the chef’s tomato relish in a Turkish roll with chunky fries
Chicken Burger 
Crumbed chicken breast w- smokey bacon, lettuce, tasty cheese & our Caesar dressing in a Turkish roll w- chunky fries
BBQ Chicken Calzone 
Chicken, ham, capsicum, mushroom, onion, baby spinach, mozzarella cheese & the chefs own creamy BBQ sauce
Fish of the Day 
Check blackboards
Portuguese Chicken Breast (GF)  
Marinated in a mild Portuguese spice, chargrilled & served over garlic potatoes with the chef’s tzatziki
Braised Beef Cheek (GF) Served with creamy mashed potato, w- baby spinach, parsnip chips & our red wine & whole grain mustard jus

Steak House

Prime aged Black Angus eye fillet (200g) 
Prime aged Black Angus rump (300g) 
Prime aged Black Angus sirloin (400g) 
Served with your choice of:
Chunky fries, mash (GF) or crispy garlic potatoes (GF)
Finished w- your choice of:
-red wine & mustard jus (GF), rich gravy, Dijon butter (GF),
Hollandaise (GF), garlic butter (GF) or gorgonzola (GF)
- add creamy garlic prawns (4) (GF) $9.90
- add a garden salad (GF) $4.00
- add a garden salad $4.00
Smokey Hokkien Noodles (DF) 
Wok seared egg noodles w- broccoli, onion, capsicum and carrot
W- chicken or beef $20.90
W- prawns $24.90
Asian Stir-fry (DF) 
Seasonal vegetables wok-tossed with roasted cashews
In an authentic oyster sauce
W- chicken or beef $20.90
W- prawns $24.90

Pizza Bar

Tropical Pizza 
Ham, pineapple, nap sauce & cheese
S $10.50 L $14.90 GF $15.90
BBQ Meat Lovers Pizza 
Ham, pepperoni, chicken, cheese and our BBQ sauce
S $13.90 L $17.90
Sorrentos Supreme Pizza 
Pepperoni, ham, baby prawns, olives, capsicum, mushroom, onion, nap sauce and mozzarella cheese
S $14.90 L $18.90
Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza (V) 
Semi-dried tomato, capsicum, artichoke, olives, baby spinach, mushrooms, nap sauce, mozzarella & grilled halloumi cheese
S $14.90 L $18.90 GF $19.90
Dijon Chicken Pizza 
Marinated breast chicken, mushroom, tomato, capsicum, onion, mozzarella cheese and our creamy Dijon sauce
S $14.90 L $18.90 GF $19.90
Prosciutto, Rocket & 4 Cheeses 
Prosciutto, feta, halloumi, mozzarella & nap sauce finished with rocket, parmesan & lemon dressing
S $14.90 L $18.90 GF $19.90
Lamb Souvlaki Pizza 
Marinated lamb, tomato, capsicum, onion, nap, mozzarella & tzatziki
S $14.90 L $18.90 GF $19.90
Chorizo, Pumpkin & Fetta 
Chorizo, pumpkin, fetta, baby spinach, nap sauce & mozzarella
S $14.90 L $18.90 GF $19.90


Chunky Beer Battered Fries (V) 
W- Sundried tomato aioli
Seasoned Potato Wedges (V) 
W- Sweet chilli and sour cream
Sweet Potato Fries 
 w- Garlic aioli 
Seasonal Vegetables 
Please ask your friendly wait staff
Steamed Mixed Vegetables (GF) (V) 
Tossed in garlic butter
Garlic and Fetta Potatoes (GF) (V) 

For the Sweeties

Adult Affogato (GF) 
Espresso coffee, Frangelico, Sorrentos mars bar gelati
& almond biscotti
Chocolate Brownie 
Warmed w- your choice of Sorrentos gelati & salted caramel
Hot Apple & Cinnamon Crumble 
W- Cream & ice cream & our nut praline
Icecream Sandwich 
Macadamia gelati sandwiched between choc chip cookies w-salted caramel
(GF) gluten free. (DF) dairy free (V) vegetarian 
Corkage $12.50 per bottle
Cakeage $1.00 per person, cut & served
All prices include GST
15 % surcharge on public holidays
Check out our house made desserts in the cabinet
Try a Sorrentos gelati, barista made coffee or a cocktail
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- Kids Menu -

Children under 12

Fish & Chips
With salad, fries and tartare sauce
Small Tropical Pizza 
 Ham, cheese and pineapple
Penne Bolognese 
Creamy Cheesy Penne 
Chicken Breast Nuggets 
With salad, fries and tomato sauce
Sausages Mash & Gravy
With salad, fries and tartare sauce
Kid's Chicken Parmy  
W-chips and salad
Breakfast Muesli Cup (GF)
Tiger Toast 
One slice of thick toast spread with vegemite and strips of melted tasty cheese
Kids Fries
With tomato sauce
Small Wedges 
With sweet chilli and sour cream


Small (Max. 2 Flavours) 
Medium (Max. 3 Flavours) 
Large (Max. 4 Flavours) 

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